Besides the BL-ij collection, I also design for you! Logos, announcements and custom made products as notebooks are some of the options.
More examples of my other work can be found on the portfolio page.

BL-ij [ Bibi de Lang

About BL-ij

 – Bibi de Lang

In early 2005, I founded BL-ij to fulfill my need to design products combining my passion for graphics, beautiful colours, patterns and sleek lines. The name BL-ij is derived from the Dutch word happy.
In a time of mass production and disposable culture I design for those who appreciate exceptional products and craftsmanship. All products are therefore handmade in our own studio so that a high quality is guaranteed.

Things that make me BL-ij (happy ;)
city trips / empty notebooks / Italian food / stan smiths sneakers / good latte macchiato / beautiful colours / craftmenship / concerts / nice writing pens / lunch outside / cat movies / elderflower lemonade / clean bedding / glass gazebos / museum visits / old postcards / fresh washed hair / freshly baked pie / Paris

 – from shop to studio

After having a shop/studio for 4 years in the city centre of Arnhem in 2014 BL-ij moved to the creative district “Modekwartier” in Arnhem.  Meanwhile working and living turned into one, as I’m working from my studio at home. Lots of ideas still to create and on certain moments I welcome you in my studio.

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